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Posted by a1chemical - 13 days ago

And here we are again. Welcome!

I have been absoultely swamped with work and learning from my mentorship so my output of postable work has been low. So I figured posting some sketches might help stave off any notion that I've gone AWOL into the internet depths.

For the uninitiated: This is a collection of sketches and paintings I post every now and then that I think are unfit for the portal but nonetheless I hope at least someone will enjoy. So without further ado:






That'll be all for now! Stay tuned for more art in the future. Toodles!


Posted by a1chemical - March 30th, 2021

Back at it again peeps!

Have some more sketches done during these past couple of weeks:





Not much to say cept that they were fun to make. A lot of these are done with the intent to learn and experiment so lets hope they pay out in some skill later down the line.



Posted by a1chemical - March 14th, 2021

Here's a few WIPs for my Whaler-piece I just posted.

It started with this out of the blue-sketch. I showed it to my mentor who thought I should start over and search a bit more for a better composition.


He suggested I make it wider to sell the "epicness" of the shot rather than constraining it like previously. Experimented with having more than one sailor in the shot.



I ended up copying the original sailour and expanding on the shot with more perspective and environmental detail to sell that they were sailing way up north. Then it was time to do some variation sketches:


After that, it was sketching time. This was the sketch before I started painting. You can see that one of our gentleman got changed pretty significantly. Thought it looked a bit too boring to have two onlookers doing nothing.




Hope you enjoyed viewing my process like I enjoyed painting it for you. Im pleased with the results and it gave me some insight on things I need to work on to improve my paintings.

See you around!

Posted by a1chemical - February 25th, 2021

Hey NG, It's been a while for sure. How y'all doing? You getting enough sleep?

Lately I simply haven't had anything finished to post, nothing to do with laziness... mostly. I keep a regular schedule of a 2 hour minimum work time every day but between my mentorship, private learning and bigger projects the personal pieces don't get to be many. Maybe that'll change, maybe not.

But I thought I'd do a fun Bloggy-thing where I upload a few studies or pieces that simply aren't fit for the portal. So here are a few sketches and studies!





That's pretty much it, I hope that whoever will enjoy it. Have a great weekend and take care!


Posted by a1chemical - January 3rd, 2021

Hey there!

I wanna thank everyone for the fantastic support and comments I've recieved with my latest submissions. One even got featured on the frontpage of NG's Art Portal and that is pretty c00l I think. Thank you Tom Fulp and other guilty parties. ;)

For those of you who against your better judgement started following me on here: You can keep up with more doodles, shitty takes and nihilistic sadposting on my twitter: https://twitter.com/A1chemica1 There you can also see things I don't feel are worth posting to the art portal. Like this sketch:


Other news!

So in my work to sort out my Youtube and other projects, I noticed that the name of my commission service (Alchemical Works) and planned name for youtube and such has been taken by someone else and potentially trademarked/copyrighted. While it is a bummer since I've used it since 2017 for my commission work; I feel that this persons following and legal-backing may be bigger than me coupled with a dose of "You snooze, you lose.". So in the end Im considering redesigning and renaming may be the better choice than starting any beef.

It sucks, its a bummer but also a lot of fun in ''reinventing your brand'' so to speak, so Im kinda looking forward to it.

That's all! Once again thanks for the great responses to my work, may not be much to a big creator, but more than enough to make my day.



Posted by a1chemical - January 2nd, 2021

Hello Newgrounds!

Back again with another attempt at being active on here again.


My first priority for content is to produce more original work and push myself closer to a professional level. Im serious about this becoming my full-time career and Im putting in as much time as I can in making that happen.

I have a couple of projects in the works but most of it will probably come organically as the year goes along. One of these projects is booting up a youtube-channel where I'll be posting some timelapses and essays/opinion-pieces to go along with it. I want it to start off on the right foot so I will allow it to take the time that it needs.

The Finest will probably return to streams at some points, it depends on how the pandemic develops, right now we're keeping a lid on it till we're feeling its safe to go at it again.

Recap of 2020

2020 was a fantastic year for my art, full of change, relative to the circumstances of course... Not the best.

In this year alone I have:

-Worked up a new slew of discipline and work ethic, managing a minimum of 2 hours a day of work, juggling a day job on the side.

-Met a wonderful bunch of people on a discord studygroup that has helped me immensely

-Got to work on illustrations for a cookbook

-Signed up for a mentorship under one of my favourite artists.

And in the end...

Im just looking forward to seeing what this year brings. There's been a lot of hardship for everyone and it'd be nice for it to ease up soon, if just a little bit.

Take care everyone, stay safe!

Posted by a1chemical - January 26th, 2019


Thought I'd post a bit of an update on what's going on atm in my life and work:

First of all: Im quite interested in starting to do commissions

I've done quite a bit of art for the Finest and my own twitch stream and quite like doing it. At the moment Im still working this out and hammering out the kinks. This will have to start out with one at a time to get me in the groove but if I enjoy doing it and all goes well, perhaps I can open it up.

Super appreciate if someone has some good ol' tips that they use to make it all come together.


On the topic of streams, I got my own now!

What I'll stream will be a mix of art and video games. It'll be my little hangout place where people can come watch or talk about the latest haps. I just got started playing RE2 so could be fun if someone wanted to hop in to have a talk on the 27/1 16:00 PM GMT.


But enough about streams. How are things in general?

Quite alright, Im in the middle of searching for a new place to stay as my contract on my current flat is running out. Its no panic yet but Im also not on easy street as the day I have to move out is fast approaching. And the housing market here is so tight its nary impossible finding a place to stay unless you look into questionable alternatives.

Though Im sure it'll work itself out somehow, it really sucks.

In other news I feel like I got better direction of where I want to go as an artist. Taking this week-by-week, day-by-day has certainly been a much less stressful perspective to have rn.


Cheers fellas and I'll TTYL





Posted by a1chemical - December 25th, 2018

I am so dreading and looking forward to the next year that it makes me all queasy thinking about it.

'New years resolutions are BS and yadda yadda' though this is more things I expect beyond promises I'd like to make. To be real wit u though, Im still gonna promise Im gonna work harder than ever next year.

First off, I will be at a major crossroads in life, I'm still figuring out what kind of artist I'd like to be and where that will take me. Sure, I got my concept and design-art going on but there are so many other ways Im being pulled in.

Aswell as that it is where as in location I wanna go. A thing to mull over is if starting up studying again, if it is worth it and if not what do I do then to achieve my goals? What do you gotta leave behind to get anywhere? It's hard, man...

Though on a more positive note; Thank fuck I got options, Im blessed in that respect and two-fold blessed that no outside circumstance is holding me back. It's all me if I go forward and succeed or crash and burn and damn does that feel good.

That's a nice thought to end the rant on...

Happy New Years,



Posted by a1chemical - December 18th, 2018

Hey everyone

dis b Chemical, I can be called many things, dingus included.

Since NG is the bee's knees and I haven't lurked here in forever I decided to school myself hard and sign up again.
I post art and various designs that I come up with for your entertainment...


I also have a Let's Play Stream with my homeboy Speed Weed, check that shit out.


Alright, cool. Hope you enjoy my stuff

Thank you!